ROBY GLOD - alto & soprano saxophone

"Roby's command of his horn is impressive and unique: He does not resemble Bechet, Coltrane, Lacy or anyone but himself.... He has a brilliant tone, super-fast fingers, excellent intonation and an engaging musical imagination that extends into his instruments' high register naturally, with no strain."
- Howard Mandel, NYC, October 2012

brand new cd:
OP DER SCHMELZ LIVE [nemu 012] with
Roby Glod - alto & soprano saxophones | Roberta Piket - piano
Mark Tokar - double bass | Klaus Kugel - drums
op_der_schmelz_live "Glod’s alto and soprano are a drizzle of crystalline notes, bunched with massive and coloured cadences and dissonant floods, making his sound «  mineral » with a majestic hallmark." -, USA

"a saxophonist using his exquisite tone to explore the open spaces of free jazz with a touching sensitivity" - Fran Hardcastle, LondonJazz                    

Roby Glod is working or has recently been working with musicians such as Klaus Kugel, Roberta Piket, Mark Tokar, Christian Ramond,  Jacques Pirotton, Herb Robertson, Michael Formanek, Kent Carter, Billy Mintz, Mat Maneri, Bruce Eisenbeil, Catherine Kontz and many others.
He performed at concerts and festivals in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Great-Britain, Luxembourg, Morocco, Poland, Ukraine and the USA.

Roby Glod is teaching jazz-saxophone and jazz-ensemble at the conservatory of the city of Luxembourg.